Only the word “rent” makes me feel the word “rent” for me. When I hear the word “rent”, I think it is a cheap way to get something that you cannot afford otherwise.

So, here is your opportunity to become a private operator or the opportunity to rent a truck, what’s the difference that both have payment. Oh, yes, there is a big difference in truck leasing, so let’s talk about it.

As a rule, renting a truck to a homeowner is easy due to the low down payment or the lack of a down payment. Owning your own truck sounds attractive, but do you want to rent it? For many drivers, I heard about night mares about renting a truck from a company. In fact, they hang carrots on your face, and they hit you on the head when you are not looking.

If you are interested in leasing, you must be very careful and read it before signing. Request a copy of your truck’s rental, before signing it, take it home and read again and again. Here are some complaints from other truckers with rental. Limited mileage with large additional fees after this commission, NO return of refunded security funds owned by the company, improper deductions, cannot just cancel the lease, as you reported. There are literally lawsuits in the books for fraud and dishonesty of some of these companies that rent trucks.

used trucks in dallasI can tell you who to contact in various cases of truck leasing:

The Independent Association of Owners-Operators-Operators (OOIDA) will provide you with complete information about the cases of leasing trucks by major trucking companies. This information may save you from danger.

We also invite you to join (OOIDA), there is nothing wrong with joining a group of truck drivers.

Such as independent owner-operators. Let me leave you with this, because we want you to be the truck driver himself, without injury.

Thus, lease return trucks from these large companies there are people who have nothing to do, but they have to come up with different ways, benefit from the company, taking advantage of the hearts of other people and doing something else. Do not conduct a thorough statistical investigation before renting a tractor from any company.

Final thought

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