The experts claim that a normal human person, have around 100,000 hair strands and they generally shed 50 to 100 of these hair strands on daily basis. The regular shedding doesn’t lead to the noticeable thinning; but, when rate of hair shedding overtakes on the rate of the regrowth (or new growth is thinner than your shed hair), then it is baldness. The hair loss is because of the medical reasons, hormonal changes, poor nutrition, and scalp infection. The natural hair fall and scalp treatment from Beechooladies is one best way to deal with the hair fall issues.

Hair Fall and Scalp Treatment: Why is the Natural Preventive Care Highly Preferred?

Most of the hair experts today will recommend use of egg, aloe vera, red pepper and neem and herbal supplements as the hair fall treatment instead of medicated products. Popularity of the herbal products is credited to the efficacy in providing the permanent cure for the hair loss problems. The natural products will increase the blood circulation to your scalp, delivering high nutrients to the hair follicles, and promoting the natural hair growth.

Some natural elements that can prevent the hair fall & check the reducing hairline include:

Green tea: It is considered as an effective hair look treatment for the male pattern baldness. The 2000 study also claimed that the green tea supplies good ammo to fight hair loss than other beverages. This reduces testosterone and DHT levels in your body that cures symptoms of baldness. The green tea has polyphenol catechins that generally tend to hamper an action of the particular enzymes, which spark the hair loss.


Fenugreek: The natural herb has the potent seeds, which reduce hair thinning and balding. The fenugreek seed paste and boiled seeds are the effective cure for the dandruff. These seeds have hormone precursors that generally tend to restore any hair shaft or replenish the hair growth. Moreover, the herbal seeds have protein and nicotine acid, both of that help to strengthen your hair shaft as well as stimulating the hair growth.

Coconut and castor oil: Massage your scalp with oil isn’t the new phenomenon. But, if the same thing is done with the mixture of warm castor and coconut oil for an hour before taking a bath, then it prevents dandruff, dryness, and improves circulation as well as strengthens your hair roots.

When you are undertaking the hair fall treatments with beechooladies, you should not forget on improving your diet. The healthy hair diet includes dark green vegetables, like beans and lettuce, salmon, poultry, eggs, nuts, oysters, whole grain, raisins, carrots, and dairy products, like skimmed milk & low fat yogurt.