For an immediate urine test, there is no way you could hide all the substances that you have ingested. Unless if you have been preparing for the screening and that you have detoxified. When times of cramming, you need to rely on some urine kit to pass the test. These days, there is this fake urine that you could use for drug test comes across instead of your own pee. If you think that you are not confident of your liquid, the synthetic urine could help. You only need to buy synthetic urine kit and do the instructions as stated within. For some people, it is a pretty straight forward process for they have done it a few times. But if it is your first, it may seem like a daunting task that you need to make certain. Thus, click here for more info especially when in doubts. Guided with the essential facts about fake pee, you could never go wrong with it.

Synthetic Urine Explained

In times of urine test, you need to make sure that you have not ingested any drug types. Chances are, you won’t be able to pass the test, and that you need time to fully detoxify. Cut your worries and learn about this synthetic urine. It is actually a substance that imitates real urine but, would give you a drug-free result. Depending on the brand but, it often comes in a powder form. For most cases, you need to make up the synthetic urine by mixing with water to provide a pee-like substance. Most of the kits are available online and others come with heating pads to keep its temperature.

use of synthetic urine

The use of synthetic urine is very seasonal if you want to pass drug tests. But, this kit won’t last long so make sure you are using it between the time frame. Also, follow the indicated instructions for your protection and for an effective result. If you are buying it online, check this information on a green insert in the package. There is no actual expiry date so, look for the batch number with a code. This will tell you how long the synthetic urine kit has been in the market.

Is it Effective Enough?

Following all the necessary steps for preparation, synthetic urine is effective enough. This is actually one of the safest and effective methods to pass a urine drug test. This helps you to get a clear result for your screening but, ensure to submit only on an unsupervised drug test. It means that no one is watching you while you are filling the bottle with your (fake) pee. Also, be skeptical on following the proper mixture if you got a powdered urine kit. This way, you could assure to get the right temperature the same as the real pee.

How To Make It?

The process of mixing the powdered urine kit is quite easy but, it takes a proper measurement. You need to make sure that the temperature of the urine is exact. That means it would match to that of the urine excreted from the human body. Thus, aim for the precise temperature of 94 °F to 96 °F, measure it using the strip tool in the kit. Note that, the temperature is the most crucial part and it must be between 90 °F to 100 °F when placed to the test bottle. So, keep it warm as much as possible until you submit it for a test.