The Comet tier seven medium tank is one of the most popular medium tanks in World of Tanks. Just a brief history, during the height of World War II, the British Empire developed a brand-new Cromwell cruiser tank in the Commit tier seven medium tank where a total of 1,186 units of it were manufactured to provide the British army more armored support to retake France and other German-occupied countries in Europe and Africa.

The comet tank in World of Tanks is very ideal for flanking because of its maneuverability and speed, and its armor is somehow in between decent and weak for its class considering that Cromwell medium tanks are packed with thick armor. However, the British Empire further developed it to outshine its predecessor, the Cromwell cruiser tank for its new gun mantle and a lowered turret profile perfect for fast aiming, but its top or main gun was just barely an upgrade from the 75-millimeter HV. Also, the British army failed to improve its handling and speed which is also very noticeable in the game, being barely better than the heavier main battle tanks like the Panther and the T20.

Its clever use, however, is of its flanking ability and its gun depression are very effective during gameplay making it perfect for being a support tank and a medium distance battle tank. Despite being a support tank for flanking, the Comet medium tank is a slower version of it, also, its armor is also weaker, but, after you unlocked all the upgrade of this tank, you will start to appreciate its greatness from its turret, to armor plating, all the way to its main gun. You will notice that the module upgrade of the tank has a combination of the great depression of the cannon and improved mobility which makes it one of the best tier seven tanks that you can play.

t-10 in WoT

If you want to use comet tank in WoT during your game, make sure that from the beginning, you have to develop an improved suspension, its turret, and buy a new canon for it. You can also access the 75-millimeter Vickers HV cannon for more firepower and unlock the Rolls-Royce Meteor Mk.IVB engine for faster speed. Its preferred equipment should be a shell rammer, improved ventilation for the crew, and a vertical stabilizer, while you can also add on some camouflage net for concealment, a binocular telescope for recon, some coated optics and an improved guidance system for the crew.

If you are doing well with this tank, you can unlock some big perks like commander’s sixth sense, best repair crew, and the brothers in arms for the entire crew for improved overall tank performance. When it comes to its weak points, the Comet medium battle tank has a hull that suddenly malfunctions and stops, and virtually, any shell fired against it makes it stop all of a sudden. When you play this tank, always remember that a medium tank is advantageous against heavy armor because of its speed to move around the map and can shoot easily, but you are also risking yourself of getting zeroed in with a heavy armor or a brawler because of its poor penetration that you have to move closer to pack a punch in each of your shot.