When you start losing hair at an age when you feel it shouldn’t be happening, you will probably panic. If your family has no history of early hair loss, this could elevate your worry. Those who have gone through this will tell you that this reaction is normal. What is important for you to find out why this is happening. There are several reasons why your hair could be falling off.

Increased hormonal imbalance

The hormone Dihydrotestosterone, commonly referred to as DHT is the one responsible for hair loss. This hormone affects the hair follicles which results into the thinning and eventual loss of hair. For you to reverse this trend, this hormone needs to be eliminated from the hair follicles. Several treatment options have been fronted over the years including the use of the best shampoo for hair growth.

Breast feeding

Hair loss post-partum is normal and should be of no worry.  Although it is normal, it does not mean that you let it run its cause then start restoration later. It is usually best to start handling hair loss early enough and not wait until the impact is so grave that it will take a long time. Remember, the more the hair loss, the more costly it will be to get it back to normal. The earlier you deal with the loss the better. You need to use hair shampoos that have been formulated to reduce hair loss while at the same time strengthening the hair.

Physical or psychological stress

This can either be physical or psychological. When you are involved in an accident or if you find you are experiencing some form of trauma that has affected your well-being, one of the most affected areas of your body is your hair. This kind of shock to your system is normal and you need to start the recovery process even as you are dealing with the issues that cause the stress, especially psychological stress. Hair loss can actually elevate your stress levels. You need to see some positive in your life and this can begin with stopping the hair loss and instigating re-growth. You need to find the best shampoo for hair growth.

Inadequate diet intake

One of the first signs that you are not feeding well will be shown by your hair. This is why the hair is usually used to signify malnourishment in children. Hair loss can sometimes be a symptom that the hair is not getting the necessary nutrients to boost its strength and growth. Even as you try to change your diet and help the hair get nourishment from within, it also needs external care. You need to invest in the best shampoos to boost regrowth.