Navigating The Three Different Kinds Credit Card Terminals

There is an ocean of information available on the best professional credit card terminals. To help you avoid being lost at sea, here is a little information to guide you on your quest.

With the technology that exists today, there is really no reason for a business of any size to avoid taking credit or debit cards. Not only is the technology advanced and affordable, but your consumers are using credit and debit cards more than ever for their purchases.

Don’t Miss the Boat

 80% of the population carries a credit and a debit card and those aren’t just for decoration. They plan to use them! Statistics show that consumers will typically buy more and tip better when they use a credit or debit card. It’s estimated that only 7 % of all transactions are done with cash. The decision is clear.

What Kind of Terminal Do You Need?

 Choosing the type of terminal you need could very well be one of the easiest decisions you’ll make through this whole process. Why? There are really only three options. As you read through these options, one will most likely jump out to you as the right choice.

The Classic Terminal- These terminals are your standard, everyday retail credit card terminals that you’ve likely seen in shops and restaurants. They’re usually square or oblong, and feature a “swiper” that will read the magnetic strip on your customer’s credit card. When you use a terminal like this, your merchant service company will expect that nearly all of your transactions will occur with the customer being present at the time of sale. While you can always key in a credit card number without the physical card, there is usually a higher rate paid for that transaction. Some of the best retail credit card terminals have a printer built right into them, and still others have a separate printer. Whichever way you go will likely have minimal impact on your day to day business.

The Wireless Terminal- Have you ever been to a craft fair or a festival? All those vendors and food trucks probably have some version of a wireless terminal. Depending on your business model, a wireless device could be one of the best credit card terminals. These devices have a similar look and feel to the classic terminal, but with one major exception- Its wireless! You can take them virtually anywhere there is mobile phone service and they will work just fine for you. We already talked about businesses that travel to fairs, festivals, and food trucks, but there are so many more a wireless terminal could be ideal for. Any business with an outside sales force could consider a wireless credit card processor for their salespeople. In any sales environment, you’ve got to strike when the iron is hot. Having a sales team armed with a fulfillment tool like a credit card processor could greatly increase your sales! In the back of your mind, always remember that cash is used less and less every day. Some business owners argue they don’t want to pay any credit card fees so they won’t accept credit card payments. If you consider losing a sale altogether, and a potential lifetime customer, than paying a small percentage of the transaction amount is a small price to pay to keep that customer.

Virtual Terminal- Virtual terminals don’t get a whole lot of attention in these web articles because they’re geared toward pretty specific business models. Basically, a virtual terminal is just a website a business can log in to for their credit card processing. There isn’t a physical terminal. This is ideal for businesses that work primarily over the phone or internet, and have little or no face to face contact with their customers.

The Choice Is Yours

 Hopefully, one of these three options in credit card terminals will have jumped out at you as the right choice for your business. For some, it will be very clear, and for other’s you may have to make a tough choice. It may seem logical for everyone to choose the wireless terminals since they have the most utility, but keep in mind there is a trade-off for that technology. Sure, you have some wireless interruption, although with all the cell towers around, issues are actually pretty rare. The trade-off you’ll notice the most though, is the cost increase. Most merchant services companies will charge a slightly higher rate for a wireless pos system. Additionally, the initial equipment cost for a wireless terminal is slightly higher than a classic terminal. You’ll probably pay a slightly higher rate for the virtual terminal, as well.

Rate Logic

 There are typically three different rate levels you’ll pay when you use professional credit card terminals. You’ll have your qualified rate, which is usually the lowest and advertised rate. Then, you have the mid-qualified rate, which is slightly higher. And then, you have the non-qualified rate, which is the lowest downgrade you can get on a transaction. All it means is that your specific transaction does not qualify for the two better rates. Why? Merchant processors assess you a rate based on risk. Often times credit history, business structure, length of business, etc. will make a difference in your qualified rate in the first place. Then, on top of that, each individual transaction is given a risk assessment and that’s what ultimately determines which rate you are charged. The lowest risk transactions get the qualified rate. These are transactions that occur when the customer and their credit card are physically present. There is an assumption that the merchant will be able to verify identity, and run the Address Verification Service (AVS). When the customer is not present, or the card won’t swipe correctly, and the credit card number is manually entered, this is will usually downgrade the rate to the mid-qualified rate. Any transaction that occurs outside of these parameters is then considered a non-qualified rate, your highest rate.

By their nature, some businesses will just be subject to higher credit card processing fees. Consider it the cost of doing business and build it into your profit plan. Other businesses can really shop around and make sure they get the best deal and lowest qualified rate because their business model supports the lowest possible risk factor.

PoS System

Different kinds of credit card terminals.

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Uses for Government Small Business Loans

We’ve all seen it. Hundreds of small businesses start every year. In many cases they don’t last after the first couple of years. There are always the same old signs. Businesses that don’t understand how to pull in their customers. The businesses that never really had enough inventory. There were also the businesses that just quite frankly didn’t do a great job.

For the entrepreneur interested in starting their own business it can be very hard getting the finances they need to start that business. Often times entrepreneurs are afraid to actually start the business because of the high rate of failure amongst most small businesses. With a solid business plan, a detailed financial outlook, and a small business loan, it is certainly possible to not only start but development a successful personal business.

Government small business loans are a great resource for business owners and entrepreneurs with a wide variety of applications. Whether you’re a brand new business looking for working capital to get started or you’re an existing business that needs to expand, government small business loans are an available opportunity. Understanding the different types of small business loans and how they are used is key to financial success in a highly competitive business world.

What is a Government Small Business Loan?

 A government small business loan is a loan that is distributed by a lender while also being guided by the programs created by the U.S. Small Business Administration. The U.S. Small Business Administration, or SBA, is an independent agency of the federal government created to aid small businesses and to preserve the competitive landscape amongst businesses. As small businesses play a large role in local economies as well as the national economy, the SBA works to create guidelines and resources for small businesses to help them succeed.

These government small business loans are an extension of what the SBA was created for. These loans are specially constructed loans produced by lenders in order to provide small business owners with the necessary financial assistance to grow their businesses. Many of these lenders include local and national banks and credit unions. The loans are not distributed by the SBA but by these lenders based on the guidelines and principals set by the SBA.

There are numerous different types of government small business loans each with their own payment arrangement, requirements, and limitations. It is critically important to understand each type of loan and the problem it solves. Many businesses each year apply for loans for purposes that the loans are not meant for and end up damaging their company more due to the misuse of the government loans.

General Business Loan (7a)

 A general business or general purpose loan, also known as a 7a loan, is a loan offered by lenders for working capital for the purposes of expansion, inventory, or seasonal financing amongst other uses. The loan is not for the purpose of refinancing other debts or to reimburse the owner or owners for money invested in the business.


 Microloans are smaller loans that are given for a specific purpose with a short-term need. In some cases a business may need to make a fast purchase which they could pay back within the next month. Microloans serve this purpose.

Real Estate / Equipment Loans

 Small businesses can apply for a real estate or equipment loan. This type of loan is meant for the acquisition of real estate and specialized equipment for use by the business.

Disaster Loans

 Disaster loans are provided to help businesses rebuild and repair their business after a natural disaster.


Government Small Business Loans

Different ways you can benefit from a government small business loan.

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Have You Considered The Benefits Of AMEX Merchant Services?

As you first begin to set up merchant services for your business, you may wonder why so many merchants have begun to trust the services of American Express in addition to the many other credit cards out there. What is it about these AMEX services that have led to a growing and loyal following? Getting the answer to this question won’t be difficult.

Information from the company about merchant services is easy to obtain either in person or on the Internet. You can also directly contact your business peers to find out why they’ve chosen AMEX services. In fact, there are many reasons why these merchants have decided to go the merchant services AMEX route. Once you have concluded your research, you will be ready to find out how your business can begin to enjoy the merchant services of American Express.

Benefits Of Merchant Services AMEX

  • The online convenience for merchants is one of the best merchant services AMEX.

Once you establish your account, you will be able to receive views of your transactions at any time during the day or night. These transaction accounts are updated each day and are available to you when you want them without having to wait for your monthly statement. When you want to, you will be able to see payments that are pending or in progress and you’ll be able to accurately base your predictions on this information. Because the statements are available to you online, you will also have an easy way to track your past twelve months. This is a convenient way to keep your records in one place, easy to access, and easy to pull information from.

  • Account management is efficient and the control is in your hands.

With well-thought out online tools, you’ll be able to control the way your account works and you will have the ability to add records and information as your business grows. Because the accounts can be accessed online, you will be able to control your accounts from any computer with Internet access. You can set your account so that you receive email or other alerts that you find important. With these AMEX services, you can rest easily knowing that the accounts are secure and protected from unwanted sources.

  • You will be given the ability to handle disputes online.

Instead of waiting for information to travel from one physical location to another, the online convenience of handling disputes allows you to receive instant notification when a dispute arises. You will have the ability to track several disputes at once through your online access. This quick response time will help you to resolve disputes before they become a problem. You will also find that your business is able to save due to reduced no-reply charges.

  • Quick response time for IT support.

Any time you conduct business online or through the use of computers, you need to know that you have a good support system. If you are the victim of power outages or other computer emergencies, you don’t have time to wait for the workday to start or for holidays to end before you get IT support. You need to know that support is available when and where you need it. Acting promptly, your AMEX support will cover your account questions, any additions made necessary through growth, routine maintenance and other changes.

  • You can attract customers from other countries and with higher spending habits.

The ability to handle transactions made across country borders will really open up your market. In today’s global market economy, there is the potential to lose not only customers, but money, every time a transaction isn’t completed. When you choose to take on merchant services AMEX acceptance you open your business up to many carefully researched advantages. Your customers are familiar with AMEX quality. As your customers recognize that you are able to accept an AMEX card, your business may grow in ways that you haven’t yet experienced. Foreign customers and customers with the means to make expensive purchases will often be paying with an AMEX card.

Bringing AMEX Acceptance to Your Business

 To begin the application process, you will need to gather some information from your business.  Start by accumulating the total amount of your annual sales. Next, come up with a number reflecting the average amount of your transactions. You will also need the bank routing number and a routing code. Prepared with this information, the final information you need to gather will be determined based on what type of establishment you have.

Determine which of these best describes your business:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • LLC, or Limited Liability Corporation
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Non-profit organization

You will probably also need to have a voided check available. Once you have turned in your information, you simply wait for acceptance.

Small Businesses: Please Apply

In the past, some small businesses may not have accepted the AMEX card. Today, however, more and more small businesses are discovering that AMEX merchant services are an important part of their retail business. There are many ways that the AMEX establishment is increasing the likelihood of small businesses benefiting from becoming an American Express partner.

One of the yearly favorites for small businesses and for customers is the Small Business Saturday promotion. One day in November, shoppers can earn a valuable statement credit just for shopping at a small business. There is a list of businesses which qualify for anyone who is wondering what the definition of ‘small business’ is and this list is pretty comprehensive. Even some gift cards will fall into these purchase parameters.

Other incentives may include the different types of cards available with different accompanying interest rates and repayment plans. Some of the AMEX plans are a good choice for a small business which needs a loan to start up or to expand. Other cards encourage shoppers to spend by providing cash incentives based on a percentage of sales at specific locations.

As a small business owner, you may also consider visiting the online site for merchant services reviews. There are links to articles and advice on growing your business and how to take advantage of holidays and special promotions.

Merchant Services Reviews

The benefits of using AMEX merchant services.

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What You Should Know About Credit Card Processing Services Before You Buy

If you’re in the business of selling products or services to customers, then you are probably not a stranger to credit card processing services. By now, it has become clear that there are many advantages when a merchant accepts credit cards for payment. Some of the most common are increased flexibility and customer satisfaction. Consumers with credit cards are also more likely to spend more and to buy more often, so being able to attract these customers proves financially beneficial to businesses across the board. But before you go out and contract with the first processing service you find, there are a few things you should know.


How Much You Can Expect to Pay


Getting yourself set up with the best credit card processing services doesn’t have to severely cut into your budget, but keep in mind that the initial investment will likely be a bit more than the seceding monthly fees because you may have to pay for acquisition and installation of equipment and programs. What you will likely have to pay for a service can be divided into two categories: equipment and service fees.




The most expensive piece of equipment needed for card processing is usually the credit card terminal, or the machine used to read and send card information to the system. On the low end, basic machines can cost anywhere from $150 and up. Wireless models usually cost more and run from around $500 to $1500.  More sophisticated wireless machines are also available and can cost more than even $1500. The type of machine you need will depend on the size of your specific needs.


If you prefer not to buy a credit card reader, some of the best top credit card processing services have them available for lease. Leasing may cost as little as $20 a month and is a good choice for companies that want to try out the system before allowing customers to pay by card permanently.

Additionally, you may be able to purchase a credit card terminal as part of a package when setting up your merchant account. Purchasing this component as part of a package can be less expensive than buying a separate machine outright, but your options may be more limited.

Service Fees

 In general, every time you process a transaction via credit card processing services, you will pay a fee to that service. The fee associated with individual transactions is called a discount rate or a discount fee. It is generally calculated as either a percentage of every transaction or with a flat dollar rate for each transaction. It is often the different card issuers that determine what and how the rate is calculated. The rest of your fees will be determined by the service provider and will be based on your credit and the amount of risk your company carries for the processor.

When talking with potential providers, always be sure to get detailed information about service fees so that you will be able to accurately determine whether or not a service will fit into your budget. Know that the top credit card processing services may charge you a bit more per transaction than other companies, but doing business with a reputable provider often translates to higher quality services.

Applying for a Merchant Account to

In order to get set up with the best credit card processing services, you will need to apply for a merchant account. The process of applying always begins with a background check. After September 11, 2001, background checks have been legally mandated in order to prevent money laundering. Once you have passed the background check, a credit check will then be run on your company. You may also be required to provide credit references.

While it may be nerve wracking to wait for approval, keep in mind that having some credit problems or being a high risk client will not necessarily preclude you from being approved. However, your rates may be higher. If you suspect that your company falls into this category, be wary of providers that claim high approval rates. Instead, look for companies that will make an effort to help you overcome credit problems and reduce your risks.

What Constitutes Risk

For the large part, the nature of your company is the most important factor when top credit card processing services are trying to assess whether or not your company is a high credit risk. Businesses that are considered risky are those that experience higher rates of credit card fraud, those that have higher levels of customer dissatisfaction (because this often results in a higher number of chargebacks), and companies who are associated with comprehensive customer satisfaction return policies such as businesses with money-back guarantees. On the other hand, companies may be considered low risk if they have a good track record, if they have a lower historical rate of chargebacks, and if they have been in business longer.

Even if your company poses higher risks to the service, the best credit card processing services will help you to lower the chances that you will be the victim of credit card fraud by providing you with security services that will deter criminal activity. In addition, these services may also help you develop a plan to reduce the number of chargebacks you process, thus helping you achieve a better credit rating.

The More You Know

When talking with credit card processing services, it’s important to know as much as you can so you can speak knowledgably with sales representatives and avoid being taken in. Buying the right equipment may make up the bulk of your initial investment, but how much you pay will depend on the kind of machine you choose. Credit card processing fees will be an ongoing expense when you choose the best credit card processing services. Applying for a merchant account entails a background check and a credit check. Companies that pose a higher credit risk may have to pay more for services, but there are ways to lower risk and improve credit. Armed with this information, you will be better prepared to negotiate with providers and get the service you need for a price you can afford.

Credit Card Processing Fees

Things to watch out when looking for credit card processing services.

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Surviving Web Expansion – A Modern Guide

Running a business online is a constantly stressful activity. If you’re not ahead on the trends then it becomes very difficult to get caught up on the latest developments. You’re constantly at a pace to expand and reinvent. It is important to ensure your business is always heading in a direction and you’re constantly on the lookout for the next server or the next addition to your service.

Most businesses on the web fail when proper attention is not paid to the current condition of the service in comparison to the company’s access to funds for expansion. In the fast paced world of technology it becomes important to be able to scale based on consumer need and media attention. There are a number of different strategies and contingency plans a business owner can always rely on in the case of a need for fast expansion.

Recognizing a Burst

 Many online businesses experience a time in their business when a blog or a website gives them that initial plug. At this point thousands of viewers are being introduced to the service for the first time and will immediately want to learn more about the service. If what you’re offering is interactive they are going to want to interact with the service. Your business needs to be ready to scale out servers and ensure that the load of the web traffic is being sufficiently balanced so that current customers do not experience any issues during this burst while new visitors are also being given access to resources.

It is important to keep a tab on your business’s name in various tech blogs and news sources. Take advantage of Google Alerts can be a strong strategy towards getting the low-down on what others may say about your service. Many web companies are finding it particularly helpful to create a presence on other websites to address questions and concerns on social networks and discussion sites. Having the ability to be notified automatically of new discussions is a particularly powerful tool for web companies.


 Having a strategy in place to scale is useless if your company doesn’t actually have the means to scale. Having access to capital in the case of a burst is important towards being able to purchase new servers, obtain new lines of bandwidth, and expand your current offerings to match those of your new influx of visitors. While some businesses have the luxury to entertain venture capitalists and other sources for funds, small businesses lack the same luxury.

Small business loans provide a business with the adequate funds to deliver new servers capable of housing new customers or expanding the current offerings to a new array of web visitors. It is important to ensure that your business will be able to apply for a small business loan and receive the funds fast enough to be able to add on new servers or expand current offerings before it is too late. Having direct communications with a financial institution is a key factor in the success of business expansion.


 A key factor often ignored by businesses is the security of their online service. This extends into many areas of the service including communications, data security, and financial security. Businesses should invest into the security of the information, improving the hashing mechanisms for passwords and other sensitive information, and ensuring the business is PCI compliant in addition to EMV compliant.

At the end of the day there are a wide variety of tools available to web businesses that experience a sudden need for expansion. Unsecured business loans, third-party monitoring services, and social media channels are all great components towards a successful expansion.

Unsecured Business Loans

Ways to improve and expand your business.

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Benefits Of Merchant Cash Advances For Your Small Business

Running a small business takes ingenuity, hard work, and cash flow. While it can be easy enough to supply the good idea and the strong work ethic yourself, it can be a bit more difficult to drum up the money you need to get equipped. Fortunately for small business owners, there is such a thing as a merchant cash advance that can help you establish the cash flow you need. The best cash advance business loan has many advantages for small businesses, and learning about them can help you decide whether or not cash advances are right for your business.

Before delving into the benefits of cash advances, it’s helpful to have a good understanding of what they are. Though a cash advance may sometimes be called a cash advance business loan, it is not a loan in the traditional sense in which a financial institution approves a money lending proposal based on a credit evaluation in return for a regular monthly payment until the loan (and its interest) is paid off. Instead, a merchant cash advance business basically purchases a set portion of a business’s future credit card revenue. Thus, each month as the business completes transactions, a certain percent of the profits gained from credit card sales goes to pay off the cash advance. In most cases, you will find that that percentage is usually around 8% of the credit card sales.

Benefit One: Collateral Free and Credit Safe

If you are approved for a business loan through a commercial financial entity, you will be required to provide some sort of collateral, usually an asset, which the financial institution has the legal right to seize should you default on your loan. Assets might include properties or investments that have a cash value similar to the amount of the loan. In addition, how you handle your loan will be reflected on your credit. If you are slow making payments or miss a payment, then your credit score could drop. Both the collateral and credit aspects of a commercial loan can be devastating, which is why some businesses opt instead to use a cash advance small business loan. Cash advances are not a part of your credit history because they are sales transactions rather than traditional loans. Collateral is not required to get a cash advance either, so the threat of forfeiting your assets is moot as well.

Benefit Two: Simple Application Evaluation

 If you have ever applied for a commercial loan, then you know it can be a lengthy process during which your credit plays a huge part. By contrast, applying for funding through the best merchant cash advance business is simple: rather than perusing your credit, tax returns, financial statements, and business proposals, the company will look more closely at the health of your business. There are two major evaluating factors that a cash advance business is interested in: how much you bring in each month in credit card returns and how long your company has been in business. On average, companies who receive $5000 per month in credit sales and who have been operating for nine months or longer will be approved for a merchant cash advance, even if the companies carry bad credit.

Benefit Three: Fast Cash

The application process for cash advances has a much quicker turnaround time than commercial loans. With a bank, it can anywhere from weeks to months to secure a loan and complete all the necessary paperwork. Small businesses may lose many opportunities to expand or take advantage of shifting market conditions while their application languishes in limbo between approval and completion. Because a cash advance business doesn’t require lengthy paperwork, applications are processed faster so you get your money when you need it—not months after.

Benefit Four: Better Approval Rates

 More small businesses have better chances of being approved by a merchant cash advance business than they do of being approved by a commercial financial institution. Why? Because a cash advance provider looks at your business performance rather than your credit, any company that can reasonably be considered successful will likely be approved. Just keep in mind that the amount your business will be approved for largely depends on your average monthly profits from the last year.

Benefit Five: Pay as You Get Paid

Commercial loans require you to make a set monthly payment no matter if business is slow one month or you have unexpected expenses that eat up revenue. Being chained to a fixed loan payment can really put a damper on your cash flow, and if you’re a small business, your company may not be able to thrive without flexibility. Conversely, payments for a cash advance business loan vary from month to month according to your revenue. When holiday sales encourage customers to spend more, you and the merchant cash advance business both pull in more cash. After the holidays are over and you experience that post-holiday slump, your payments to the cash advance provider go down to match slowed sales. This way a cash advance actually allows your business the elasticity to roll with the punches as well as to seize opportunity when the moment is right.


 Small businesses that need an infusion of cash to expand to a new location or vamp up marketing would do well to remember the benefits of cash advance loans online. No collateral is required for approval and because the loan is really a sales transaction, cash advances are not included in your credit report. Applying for a cash advance is much simpler than applying for a commercial loan and helps you get your money when you need it. Because credit is not a factor in the application process, businesses that can safely say they have regular revenue are more likely to be approved for the cash advance than they might be for a commercial loan. Finally, payments on cash advances fluctuate with your cash flow and your profits so you don’t have to pour all your revenue into steep monthly loan payments when business is lean. With all these benefits, it’s certainly worth looking into! Contact the best cash advance business today to learn more.

Cash Advance Loans Online

The benefits of using a merchant cash advance company for your business.


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Addressing The Trend Of Credit Card Use And How To Prepare Your Business

In today’s modern society businesses must have the technology to operate in a global society. Large corporations and small boutique businesses must all concentrate on having a competitive presence in their specific market. Whether the business is operating through phone orders only, or at a local produce stand, or through an extensive in store and online network, the use of a credit card machine is increasingly vital.


Replacing Traditional Payment Methods with Credit Card Use


According to a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the use of checks declined significantly over the past fifteen years while the use of debit and credit cards increased. Payments made over the computer and through the use of credit cards are steadily replacing the traditional paper methods of payment. The growing reliance on credit card processing has prompted many studies and a large amount of funding toward researching the trends in credit card machine processing.

There are many reasons for this reliance on credit card machines:


  • Orders can be taken and paid for almost instantly, no matter how far about you and your customers are.
  • The payment security enjoyed by both the customer and the business is increased.
  • You can enjoy doing business with international customers in spite of differences in currency.
  • Online or phone orders can be completed quickly with reduced risk to the business and the customer.
  • Many people today worry about the risks for financial loss when they rely on checkbooks and so have switched to the use of debit and credit cards. Fewer customers use other payment sources.
  • Consumers tend to make more impulse buys when they can use their credit card.
  • Some credit cards offer their customers rewards to use their credit cards which may increase sales for those businesses who take advantage of that network.
  • Many customers will walk away from a product or service that they want because they cannot pay by credit card.

This interest on the part of financial institutions should signal some focus on credit card use on the part of merchants and businesses as well.


Making the Right Decisions as You Get Started


As you begin the process of implementing credit card systems for your business you will want to carefully scrutinize and review the different credit card machine manufacturers and the businesses involved in credit care machine processing. There are some meaningful qualities that you can look for in order to choose the credit card processing service or manufacturer that will work best for your business.


  • Initial Set-Up: Most credit card processing services won’t expect much of an initial investment. For your initial set-up cost you should get a merchant account and one payment gateway. You will also want to investigate the amount of time that it will take the service to get your account into service.  Some processes will be able to get the system operational within one day. There are some factors that may lengthen the amount of time the processing service will need, but this time should generally be kept at a minimum. Be sure to find out the average amount of time the set-up took for other merchants and ask for an estimate specifically related to your business.
  • Monthly Costs and Services: Expect to make some consistent monthly payments for the services that you and your customers will benefit from. However, those monthly costs of processing credit cards should be competitive. Do expect clear and detailed communications about how fees are established and what services you will be able to expect for those costs.
  • Customer Service and Satisfaction: It is fairly simple to compare the merchant/customer approval ratings, but you should also take some time to find out the names of some of the other merchants, when this is legally possible. Ask about the availability of customer service in the event of problems with the machines or with the processing procedure. Most processing services will provide twenty-four hour customer service, including weekends and holidays. Expect to have access to their customer service through the telephone and at least one other communication method.
  • The Features That Will Best Promote Your Business: Different credit card machine manufacturers will offer a variety of features on their point of sale and card readers, often called ‘swipers’. Depending on how your business is set up physically, those features will become more important or less important. For example, if you are operating your business from a mobile booth, then you may want to have a wireless credit card machine. You may also want to consider machines that will accept debit and gift cards, as well as credit cards.

The basic credit card machine features include a nine-key numeric keypad, a display with two lines of text, a magnetic stripe reader and, often, a printer for receipts. The most common additional features include an external PIN pad for the customers’ privacy and comfort, a flash memory which stores information on an internal drive, the ability to process checks, and the ability to read cards other than credit cards.


Credit card machine manufacturers and processing services will be closely linked. It may be worth your time to consult with other businesses or peers in order to learn about the satisfaction or frustration with their credit card readers and the processing services they have worked with.


Making the Move into a Broader Market


Today’s businesses are responding to the customers’ demands for greater convenience. One of the most important steps your business can take in order to respond is to utilize the services provided by a credit card processing company. Recognizing the growing dependence on technology and virtual interactions is an important step for your business to take if you want to remain active and competitive in today’s business environment. Carefully choosing the manufacturer of the credit card machine and the credit card processing service are vital to the growth and expansion of your business.


Further research about the growing trends in credit card use is abundantly available. If you still have reservations about implementing payment by credit card for your business or which providers can best help you to establish that change, you should begin to investigate further. In fact, any further delay on your part may actually be harmful to your business. Investigate credit card trends and they impact your business before any more time is lost.

Credit Card Processing

Updating outdated payment methods to credit card.

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